Whyalla Foreshore Marine is your local Sea-Doo® dealer, and not only boasts all the latest models, but also one of our expert staff is always on hand to provide the latest information so you can make the right decision. Whether you plan on a relaxing tour in calm water, a day of towing the kids or pushing the limits, there is guaranteed to be a Sea-Doo® model which suits you.
As the industry leader, Sea-Doo is committed to providing ultimate fun on the water. For more than twenty-five years, Sea-Doo watercraft have stood at the forefront of the industry. The list of firsts continues to build, and all our accomplishments have had one simple goal – to give all our customers a memorable and enjoyable water experience.
Now we’ve taken the best watercraft experience possible and made it even better with our revolutionary iControl®. It’s the world’s most advanced watercraft technology, offering a level of control never before seen on the water.

It offers a slew of firsts for watercraft: the first and only on-water braking system, the first true suspension system on a watercraft, a stepped hull design and true neutral. It’s also got the most advanced throttle control ever on a watercraft, all packaged with our legendary BRP Rotax® engine specifically designed for marine use.

Discover the most affordable, playful, compact, fuel-efficient and lightweight watercraft in the industry. Fun to ride and easy to tow with a small car, the SPARK is designed to make the most out of your summer on the water.
Meet the Seadoo Spark, a fun way for your family to play on the water. It’s playful and easy to ride. Starting at $8,990 (ski only), it’s easy to own, easy to tow thanks to its light weight and compact size, and an absolute blast to ride.
A wide range of colours and options help you customise and make it exactly the Seadoo Spark you want. Your family’s turn to join the fun has finally arrived! The Spark is available as a 2 or 3 seat version as well as the choice of two different engine configurations. Colour options are Vanilla/Blueberry, Licorice/Mango and Pineapple/Candy Blue.